Are weighted blankets worth it

Are weighted blankets worth it?

Are weighted blankets worth it, this is among the questions everyone who intends to use a blanket has been asking himself so far and he is the detail you seek.

The weighted blanket is worth it due to the relaxation, comfort, and calm sleep it brings to the user. If you have been stressed out and anxious with everything around you, you then will see more need for this bedding tool.

Researchers have shown how beneficial it is to sleep under the cover of the blanket and I have made them available for you to know how important it is to use it. Below are the things you stand to gain using weighted blankets:

  • Weighted blankets Lower the level of restlessness and anxiety: you can’t afford to come back to your home where you are supposed to enjoy good sleep and also be struggling with sleep and your peace. Unfortunately, some people within or outside your workplace can make you angry to the extent that your whole day will be submerged into absolute restlessness. You can also have some level of anxiety due to expectations. However and whatever causes the anxiety, weighted blankets are known to help your system to produce hormones that will relieve your anxiety. It has a simple but magical way of achieving this through its weight. The materials that this sleeping tool is made of help to exact weight on you while you sleep with it thereby making you release the necessary calming hormones.
  • Weighted blankets boost students’ concentration in school: when you constantly struggle with catching good sleep, it will be difficult for you to enjoy your studies while in school. For optimum concentration while in school, there is a need to increase whatever makes you feel calm and collected to face your academics. An example of a measure to get out of it is to use a weighted blanket to ensure you enjoy every bit of your sleep.
  • Weighted blankets are a good solution to restless leg syndrome: some people have formed the habit of moving their legs around each time they got sleeping. In fact, it has become their general complaint of almost kicking a partner out of the bed when they share the bed with another person. This has to do with the unlimited and unrestricted movement of the legs while you sleep. One best way to keep the leg fixed is not to tie them together or to chain them. The best way you can solve such a problem is by having a blanket that will wrap you within it and also give you comfort while you sleep.
  • Relieves Pain: when you have pains in your body, you can go for painkillers like acetaminophen. Painkillers are very good in helping you to get rid of all kinds of pains within your body. However, when you have pains of unknown focus, what will you do to relieve such pain? Well, research has shown a new way of getting rid of any pain that disturbs your sleep through using weighted blankets to sleep. The good side of the outcome of their research is that the weighted blanket which exacts much weight on you will help to release pain-erasing hormones that will help you relieve the pain.
  • Very useful to elderly people: elderly people are known to have an altered circadian rhythm which tends to make them sleep more by naps during the day and less during the night. Some elderly people may not like this kind of situation when their routine will be altered because of a change in their sleep pattern. Any way to boost their sleeping or reverse it back to its initial way? Yes, there is a way to say no to such a sleeping defect. One way to boost more night sleep among elderly people is by getting them a blanket which will help to release sleeping hormones in them the night. This is the outcome of research conducted in Chicago in 2015 to ascertain the level of boost given to elderly people who sleep under a blanket.
  • Boosts Sleep Quality: the weight of is weighted blanket is about 10% of your weight on average. The essence of this is to ensure that you feel the weight and it produces the sensation that will look as if you are hugged. Researchers have found that when you are hugged, you will end up having your body produce serotonin, melatonin, oxytocin, and other hormones that have their effect by making you calm and a bit sleepy. These hormones that are being produced have their ways of boosting your sleep quality.
  • Promotes a Happier Mood: while serotonin and oxygen play a great role in controlling your mode, it is important to note that one of the enhancers for the production of these hormones is blankets. When you use the blankets and it produces weight on your body it will produce a deep sensation that will make your body produce them.
  • Enhances Calm: the major work of serotonin produced by the body is to help you maintain relative calmness in the midst of anxiety. Therefore, through the use of blankets, you are sure of boosting your level of calm regardless of the environment you are in.
  • Relieves Travel Anxiety: when you lodge in a hotel while on an excursion or tourism, the time may come when everywhere may become strange to you. At such a point, you may need to cover yourself up. This single action may be the only thing you need to do to boost your comfort and relieve anxiety from your side.
  • Helps to stimulate for production of hormones: with the deep stimulus landing on your body, it will enhance the speed at which your body makes ready serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine whose main functions include helping you to enjoy your sleep. In many great ways, you will be happy with these hormones, especially when you are anxious.


Finally, are weighted blankets worth it?

Weighted blankets are good bedding tool that helps you erase pains, and anxiety and boost your ability to sleep well. It is very good for elderly people and also children. The benefits of weighted blankets are too many to be numbered. However, the above is good to help you know that weighted blankets are worth it. So the question, are weighted blankets worth it has been answered fully.

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