3 top trending ways of making money online

3 top trending ways of making money online

Making money online in 2023 can be very simple. Are you already thinking of how to give your 2023 a boost. You are thinking of the best way to crush 2023 since you are not able to meet up with all your prayers and demands in 2022. If you are in this category, then take a back seat and be ready to gather the secret you need.

Making money online has never been as easy as it is today. With little or no skill set, you are good to go for online money. However, coming in with a level of skill can be more helpful. Else, you may need higher dose of patience and consistency to really achieve something tangible within a short period.

I will be using this post to tell you about the top three trending means of making it big come 2023. You can land yourself on that 7 figures you aimed at in 2022. You may not need much capital to start these top three online tips I will be giving you here.

Below are the three areas of focus:

1. Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing tips

Affiliate marketing has come to stay. It exist in different forms according to regions and geographical tolerance. In most part of the developed world like in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, etc., it involves marketing products and services through an online medium. It can be through Facebook, website, or through other media. The main target is always to get to target audience who will be needing this service or product. Each time an interested persons makes a purchase, you will have your commission from there.

Most of the times, you can grab the attention of buyers by making real reviews and post description of the product. Depending on the indepth knowledge you have on the product, you writeup can be so appeal that you become the last stop for the search on that product.

One of the best take home is to build gradually. Start with products you know better. It is not good for you to just copy and paste product description and use it as means for making purchase. That is really an off way of trying to make sales because the person interested may be aware of the cons and pros on the product and with some level of false claims, the customer may be deterred from making purchase.

Also, it is very important to hear from your loyal customers, at least once in a while. The sense in this is to keep yourself informed with their latest decisions and opinions on several things.

Affiliate marketing is all about being affiliated to a company and helping the sell their product with the hope of receiving commission on each product sold. You get a certain percentage or fixed commission anytime you make a sale. The more sales you are able to make, the more commission you can earn.

Most persons build their houses through this means. Some have their first cars through affiliate marketing. No much work needed for you to start. You can even use your leisure periods for it. It does not consume much of your time, but gives you reasonable money to take care of most of your bills.

You can start it with or without capital. You can start without any money. You can also start with or without any skills as far as you can write and read.

How to excel in affiliate marketing

Some of the ways to make progress in it without capital may involve the following:

  1. Utilizing social media to do your campaigns. Facebook has over 10 million daily active users. These people spend a minimum of 38 minutes each on Facebook for different purposes. A reasonable percent of US online shoppers use Facebook as a media for making purchases. So what you can do is to pick the affiliate link and share it on Facebook. When you have small amount or money that is enough for making Facebook promotion, you can also create for leads and boost each affiliate link to make more sales for you. It is simple and easy to come by. Pinterest is another good option for you to market any product on it. It is also like Facebook but has more of audio-visual presence that Facebook that anything can trend on it. To really thrive with social media marketing you need consistency. You need to post often so as to grab attention easily.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also another option you can use to make headway in online marketing. Here, you may need to have your own blog for making articles. However, you may need to learn some strategies in order to balance easily. Unfortunately, search engines are not reliable with their changes. They can easily change at anytime, making the things you learnt to mean less than to nothing.
  3. Guest posting is also another medium of have higher number of people see your products and make sales through your links. It is very simple to achieve this. However, you may need capital to make it happen on the well-known blogs.

I have also decided to give you tips on affiliate marketing from another expert called Neil Patel. The tips contained in the article will help you to understand every bit of affiliate marketing and also all you need to excel and hit your 7 figures in 2023.

2. Crypto trading

Cryptocurrency trading or coins trading is also another another means of making your cool money. Most persons who have tried forex trading may not like the idea of financial trade because of the risks they may have encountered in it. It cryptocurrency trading does not come with much risks. You will sure control the way you loss in it by limiting your losses.

However, to be good in crypto trading, you may need to learn from those who are already in it. It will help you understand the rudiments and how best to play the game. Below is a link to a PDF article that will help you have a headway.

3. Niche blogging

Niche blogging is another way of making money online. General blogging is becoming fast out of date. Google and other social media have started targeted sites that are authority in a particular field. Sites that focus or discusses issues in a particular topic. This is exactly what niche blogging is all about.

It hammers on a particular area of interest. Making online money from this kind of site may not be immediate. However, with time, you can begin to monitize your your blog through the use of Google adsense. This will help you earn money depending on how you choose to go about it. When your traffic has improved remarkably, you can also begin to go into affiliate marketing. You can also create your own product and start making money from it.


There is no easier way of making money online. You will need patience and consistency to start earning your seven figures from it. The above three ways are the trend you should expect to earn from in 2023. If you are diligent in your online business you will certainly have cause to smile. This is because it is worth it in all standards.

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